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And so it begins...

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Eight months ago I left a career as a Specialist Nurse to pursue a different lifestyle. I knew I wanted a different way of life, I could no longer see the benefits of working for someone else, remaining in a 9-5 job with the same commute each morning, feeling like ground hog day (Although the families I worked with were fab!) I was beginning to feel trapped. The saying 'life is too short' just wouldn't leave me.

Rewind 12 months earlier. I was on a family holiday in Portugal when my father fell ill and was admitted to ICU. A one week holiday resulted in me staying in Portugal for a whole two months.

Time away from work, away from my own family alongside daily meditation, gave me the opportunity to reflect. During this time I was staying in a hotel next door to a crystal shop (I have adored crystals and their benefits for many years and would often gift them to family and friends).

This shop and it's beautiful crystals helped me through a difficult time. Purchasing a variety of crystals, to support sleep, worry and negative thought, changed my outlook and felt like a breath of fresh air.

So here I am 12 months later, launching Flow & Fancy Designs, producing beautiful crystal jewellery for people to wear, enjoy and feel the daily benefits as much as I do.

I have lots of exciting ideas and I can't wait to take you on this wonderful journey with me!

Love Donna x

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